Veera Law is a full-service immigration law firm that provides prompt, cost-effective representation in all aspects of immigration law, including employment-based immigration, family-based immigration and humanitarian visas and waivers.  We help domestic and foreign businesses navigate the often confusing world of U.S. Immigration law, making any type of transition as smooth and efficient as possible.  We also help individuals achieve their goals of living, working, and pursuing their livelihoods in the U.S.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing a wide range of clientele including multinational, medium and small-sized companies, as well as individuals and families from around the world. Our clients work in many different industries including technology, healthcare, import/export, computer software, finance and marketing.

Tara Veerathanongdech founded Veera Law with the aim of providing highly-individualized representation to her clients. We communicate openly and at length with you at the outset of your case so that we can fully understand your immigration needs, and we work to develop creative and effective immigration strategies customized to meet those specific needs. At Veera Law we believe that immigrants have always been a foundation of American society and we are proud, as well as humbled, to assist foreign nationals with the U.S. Immigration process.