Unmarried Adult Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents (F2B)

Unmarried Adult Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents (F2B)

Permanent resident files Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative and receives a priority date. Once the priority date becomes current you can move to the next step. This process can take many years under the F2B category since the number of permanent resident relatives that could immigrate to the U.S. through this category per year is very limited.


Once the priority date is current your relative will either file for adjustment of status or consular processing depending on whether the relative is inside or outside the U.S.


If the petitioner becomes a U.S. Citizen, the preference category changes and a visa may be available sooner. This is because you would now be getting a green card as a relative of a U.S. citizen.


If you are the unmarried son or daughter of a permanent resident, and you get married prior to becoming a permanent resident, you no longer qualify for permanent residence through your permanent resident family member. There is no visa category for a married child of a permanent resident. You must notify the USCIS of any change in marital status after the Form I-130 has been filed for you and prior to becoming a permanent resident or obtaining an immigrant visa. [INA 203a]


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